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  Risk Management eLearning Feedback Form

  Question     Response        
1. I found the communication of the e-Learning to be convincing and motivational

2. Accessing the e-Learning was easy and user-friendly
3. The reference material was straight forward, simple and easy to understand and does not include much technical jargon

4. I found e-learning to be an easy way to understand and internalise the framework as compared to conventional methods e.g. workshops.

5. I would complete the assessment again if it was SAQA accredited.

6. I would complete the assessmen at least once a year as a refresher and/or as the guidelines and the assessment are enhanced.

7. I would complete the assessment again as the guidelines and the assessment are enhanced.


8. I feel that the knowledge accquired is relevant and will contribute to improving my performance.

9. The following module helped me to improve my understanding of the subject matter

9.1. Risk Management Responsibilities for Audit Committees

9.2. Risk Management Responsibilities for the Accounting Authority

9.3. Responsibilities for Chief Risk Officers

9.4. Risk Management Responsibilities for Executive Authority

9.5. Risk Management Responsibilities for Internal Audit

9.6. Risk Management Responsibilities for Management

9.7. Risk Management Responsibilities for Other Personnel

9.8. Risk Management Responsibilities for Risk Champions

9.9. Responsibilities for Risk Management Committees

9.10. Risk and Assurance

9.11. Risk and Control Environment

9.12. Fraud Risk Management Policy

9.13. Risk Management Information and Communication

9.14. Risk Assessment

9.15. Risk Identification

9.16. Risk Management Policy

9.17. Risk Management Reporting Lines

9.18. Risk Management Strategy

9.19. Risk Tolerances

9.20. Risk Response Strategy

9.21. Final Assessment

10. My understanding of the public sector risk management framework improved as a result of my participation in the programme.

11. The programme helped to ehance my appreciation and understanding of my job

12. I would recommend this programme to other public sector risk management practitioners.

13.  you would like to provide feedback on other aspects that are not featured in the questions above please provide your comments in the box below