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 List of Modules 
  • Risk Management Responsibilities for Audit Committees
  • Risk Management Responsibilities for the Accounting Authority
  • Responsibilities for Chief Risk Officers
  • Risk Management Responsibilities for Executive Authority
  • Risk Management Responsibilities for Internal Audit
  • Risk Management Responsibilities for Management
  • Risk Management Responsibilities for Other Personnel
  • Risk Management Responsibilities for Risk Champions
  • Responsibilities for Risk Management Committees
  • Risk and Assurance
  • Risk and Control Environment
  • Fraud Risk Management Policy
  • Risk Management Information and Communication
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Risk Management Reporting Lines
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Risk Tolerances
  • Risk Response Strategy
  • Final Assessment


Risk Management e-Learning and Training


The National Treasury has developed the e-Learning module as a complementary tool to test users’ understanding of the Public Sector Risk Management Framework


The e-Learning tool consists of twenty individual modules covering the main topics of the Public Sector Risk Management Framework. Each module consists of between 10 and 30 multiple choice questions and a minimum of 75% of correct answers is required to pass. The tool will “mark” the selected answer in real time and provide the correct answer to explain an incorrect choice. The user is allowed a maximum of three attempts at each module after which he/she will be locked out. A “Certificate of Completion” is obtained on successful completion of each module.

The Final Assessment can only be taken after the completion of all individual modules. The questions for the Final Assessment are chosen randomly from each individual module. A minimum of 75% of correct answers is required to pass. The user is allowed a maximum of three attempts and a “Certificate of Completion” is obtained in recognition of successful completion of the programme in Public Sector Risk Management.


Each user is required to register to use the tool on the top left corner of the web page. The user must provide the compulsory information requested and choose his/her own password to complete the registration. Users must pay careful attention to the completeness and accuracy of the information captured in the registration section as some of this information will be automatically transferred to the certificates printed on completion of the assessments.


The user must first thoroughly acquaint himself/herself with a particular topic in the Public Sector Risk Management Framework before he/she attempts answering the corresponding e-Learning module.

The tool will indicate the maximum time permitted to complete the module and will automatically terminate a session when the allotted time is exceeded. Users may save a session and return to complete it later. When this happens only the balance of the time left over, calculated on a pro-rata basis, will be allowed for completion of the remaining portion of the module.

A certificate will be issued on completion of a module. The certificates will not indicate the marks achieved.

Should you have any suggestions or corrections for the system, or if you have reached the maximum attempts allowed to pass a module and cannot continue, please contact Totyelwa Nonco at

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